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Must-Have Integrations For CCM Blog Feature
John Zimmerer

By: John Zimmerer on November 18th, 2019

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Must-Have Integrations For CCM

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As organizations increase their focus on the employee experience in the digital workplace, many companies are pursuing integrated workspaces that combine multiple applications. Not surprising, as research shows us that there is a cost incurred every time an employee switches context.

Also not surprising, we are seeing a strong interest in integrating our CCM software with other applications. Here’s what you need to know about must-have CCM integrations.

Let’s start with the most obvious CCM integrations that you should already be taking advantage of.

Integrate CCM with data and content sources.

Digital workplaces need integrated applications to minimize employee context-switching.

CCM Integrations: The Essentials

Integrating data with your CCM software should be a standard practice by now. By integrating systems of recordsuch as your support databases, transactional systems, and your CRMyou can make communications with your customers much more personal. As you know, personalization is all the rage these days, so get on it!

Secondly, it is imperative that your CCM software is integrated with all of your content repositories. Most likely you already have content, such as images, spread across multiple repositories including IT imaging system, and content management systems used by marketing teams. Having the ability to reach into those repositories and easily pluck images to use via your CCM platform makes your business markedly more efficient and subsequently more profitable.

CCM Integrations: Lines of Business

While many organizations leverage a CRM as their primary business application, others use more specialized software within individual lines of business (LOBs). Examples include contract management and claims administration.

For example, companies with a contract management system in place would then be able to integrate their data with a CCM platform to deliver contracts to customers. In fact, contract templates make use of variables, conditional logic, and shared content just like other communications do. As a result, some companies may also be able to use CCM software to curate and create contracts. After all, contracts are really just long-from customer communications.

Even insurers that use a claims administration package such as Guidewire, Duck Creek, or Stone River may want to “upgrade” the built-in correspondence capabilities of these packages and use something a bit more robust.

CCM Integrations: Topdown                                      

When it comes to integration, you need CCM software that can easily weave into your mix without making things more complicated rather than less. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you choose the best CCM software for your existing enterprise architecture. You’ll need power and flexibility. Our CCMs solutions have plenty of both.

CLIENT LETTER® is an on-premise CCM solution that is well matched for professionals who write up their text in Microsoft Word. Its exceptional web-browser-based editor can quickly and easily personalize content and send it out to customers. 

INTOUCH® is the platform of choice for professionals looking to utilize 100% cloud-based CCM software. Its scalability and security makes it one of the best cloud-based CCM solutions available on the market today. With a sleek, context-sensitive interface and enterprise-grade features, we designed our platform to connect to any data or content source to integrate with apps that make your workforce more productive.

Have a talk with Topdown and see how CCM integrations can help your business succeed in today’s market.

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Image: Pixabay