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CCM Core Capability: Streamlining the Content Library Blog Feature
John Zimmerer

By: John Zimmerer on March 8th, 2021

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CCM Core Capability: Streamlining the Content Library

Customer Communications | INTOUCH | Content Management

Content creation continues to play a key role in evolving modern business. However, content creation if left unchecked could cost your organization more time and resources than you necessary. To most effectively utilize content creation, successful businesses invest in a centralized system that allows them to manage their content for maximum reusability in the process.

Far too often we see companies attempting to streamline their content creation processes by adopting a variety of tools across multiple departments. For example, a single enterprise will create website content, customer communications, and internal documentation all using different tools. Ideally, the business would not be using competing products, but instead, they would take advantage of a centralized content management tool to store structured content for use and reuse as necessary across multiple departments and channels.

There Can Be Only One

The risk of using too many content management tools reaches much further into the organization’s health, as the age-old adage says, too many cooks spoil the broth. Multiple content platforms within a single business enterprise often leads to a much higher level of complexity ultimately leading to less efficiency company wide. The goal for any business when it comes to content management should be to avoid mass duplication and inconsistency of content while at the same time avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

Centralize your content in one CMSCentralized content management reduces communication duplication and inconsistencies.

When a business stores its information on multiple content platforms, employees have no way of knowing whether the template or the related content are current, let alone if it has been reviewed and approved by the necessary compliance team and regulators; or equally as important, if the branding is up to date, the language consistent across touchpoints, and whether or not it is accessible to everyone who needs it.

Without a centralized management tool in place, employees will also not know how and where they should store content, limiting its reusability as others have no access to share that content internally and externally with clients and colleagues alike.

Flexibility, Transparency Rule The Day

Ideally, your content management tool gives you the flexibility and transparency for knowing who authored the content, as well as tracking revisions (think: compliance). While collaboration can be important across departments, few companies will need the ability to collaborate in real time on customer communication management projects.

One of the most important components for a company’s operations is have in place a robust review and approval workflow process; without a tool that has been built for compliance, branding, and best practices, the organization will find that obtaining that steady workflow becomes increasingly difficult.

For example, Topdown is currently working closely with a health insurer in the UK to consolidate and reduce their templates by 97% through integrating reusable content with business logic to create targeted communications. Topdown’s strategy is simple: shift the responsibility for maintaining templates from the IT department to the lines of business, saving hundreds of working hours per year and reducing content-related costs.

Achieve Maximum Consistency

Topdown focuses on delivering a single tool that delivers the consistency and overall functionality to eliminate hordes of unnecessary templates stored across your organization. Utilizing Topdown’s CCM solutions can help reduce the volume of your library by at least 50 percent, making your processes far more efficient, all the while reducing costs dramatically.

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