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Why Recyclable and Reusable Content is so Valuable Blog Feature
Mike Lui

By: Mike Lui on November 17th, 2021

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Why Recyclable and Reusable Content is so Valuable

Personalization | Customer Journey | Content Management

The phrase ‘content is king’ is a common expression amongst marketing professionals. The phrase by itself is pretty simple, and the philosophy behind it is that the more content your organization or business produces, through various channels, the wider and deeper of an audience you’ll be able to reach. However, this isn’t the only time in which ‘content is king’. With reusable content libraries, for example, content is not only king, but builds an extraordinary amount of value into your organization. 

Reusable content refers to the library of messaging templates that users can create within a CCM software, or customer communications management software. The basic principle behind building a reusable content library is streamlined customer journeys, integrated efficiencies, personalized messaging, and a bolstered customer experience from start to finish. 

Recyclable and Reusable Content is Valuable

Reusable Content Libraries

A reusable content library is exactly what it sounds like; a collection of various templates that have been hand-crafted to serve in a variety of capacities and across a wide spectrum of customer journeys. This is extremely helpful to organizations that are managing a large customer base, especially considering that each customer is likely going to be at a different stage in a different customer journey. 

Therefore, by creating a comprehensive reusable content library through which the CCM can manage and deliver customer communications with little-to-no staff intervention, frees up employee time, bolsters the efficiency with which messaging is delivered, and ultimately elevates the entire customer experience. 

Crafting Personal Messaging With Content Libraries

You may be wondering to yourself how a reusable content library could possibly deliver hand-crafted messaging that feels personalized, empathetic, and human. However, sophisticated CCM software utilizes a suite of technology to ensure that the messages delivered are not only informational and convenient, but also personalized and specific to the customer receiving them. 

This is made possible through A.I, automation, business logic tech, and comprehensive user profiles. While your staff creates the initial templates in the reusable content library for various touch points across a spectrum of customer journeys, the CCM software does all the rest. 

The CCM software takes the manually written templates and populates any missing information about a customer from their customer profile in your database. The system will pull information like the customer's name, their policy information, and even which communication channel they most prefer. Unlike older generations, the new wave of young professionals often prefer to receive their business communications through non-traditional channels like social media, SMS, and others. 

This creates a stronger customer experience which ultimately leads to stronger customer relationships, a more loyal customer base, and more impactful personal referrals.

Automating Customer Journeys With Generated Content

All-in-all, CCM software is powerful and sophisticated, utilizing a suite of modern technology to optimize your customer journeys and customer communications. Going above and beyond those efforts, however, CCM even provides your team the tools necessary to automate the entirety of a customer journey. Making use of the comprehensive recyclable content library and automatically generated content that retains personalization; your firm can create entire customer journeys that are convenient, smooth, remain personal and customized, and help guide the user through the journey from start to finish. 

Integrating automated customer journeys through the reusable content library further elevates the customer experience, while continually streamlining business operations. 

A Brief Overview on the Value of Reusable Content 

Building a recyclable content library that covers the majority of the touch points along the customer journeys that your company employs offers your team a wide range of benefits. From streamlined operations, to a bolstered customer experience, and improved efficiency all around, implementing CCM is bound to elevate your business to the next level. 

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