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Integrating INTOUCH CCM Into Your Composable DXP Blog Feature
Mike Lui

By: Mike Lui on June 6th, 2022

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Integrating INTOUCH CCM Into Your Composable DXP

Digital Experience | Digital Transformation

The intersection of business and technology is an ever-evolving, constantly changing one. This makes it both fascinating, and extremely fast-paced. While the limits of business-tech are really just being tested, there are often new innovations emerging from the sea each and every year. The ability to experiment, test, and try again are invaluable in creating optimized paths forward. This often means that old systems and accepted best practices are challenged to see if there isn’t a better option or solution. While in some instances the new innovation is clearly the better way forward, this isn’t always the case. Many other times, whether one way is better than the other is a debate that presses on for years to follow. This could very well be the case when it comes to composable DXPs. 

Integrating INTOUCH CCM Into Your Composable DXP


Composable DXPs are becoming a new trend in the digital experience marketplace, and push back against the previously dominant monolithic DXP.  However, the composable DXP concept is so new that many organizations still rely on monolithic solutions for simplicity's sake. The concept of a composable DXP is also still being flushed out and experimented with in a variety of different cases. Whether composable DXPs will eventually become the preference, or if they’ll simply offer another solution to creating a digital experience, there is certainly a place in the market for the composable DXP as a viable solution. 

The Difference Between Monolithic and Composable 

For a long time, the dominant solution for the digital experience was considered monolithic. In other words, this is a singular system that accounts and encompasses the entire suite of features and tools that an organization needs to construct their digital architecture. In other words, this is one software that deliver the functions organizations rely on to operate digitally. 

The popularity of a monolithic digital experience platform isn’t hard to imagine. Because of the all-encompassing nature of the software, it contains the tools and features a brand needs all under a single umbrella. However, with this, a company may very well be paying for a group of features they seldom use. In another instance, the monolithic software may not come with as much customization that an organization wants, which can hinder the creation of unique and interesting customer journeys that create a valued customer experience. 

All of these instances have led to the emergence of the composable DXP. The end goal of a composable DXP is the same as a monolithic; delivering the best possible digital experience to the customer. However, the approach is slightly different. Rather than seeking a single-solution-model that encompasses some of the tools and features a brand needs, composable DXPs build out the technological architecture one layer at a time. 

This means that in a composable DXP model, there could be one software system that creates the instant-chat between the brand and customers on the brands webpage, while another software system is responsible for the coding of the web page itself, and so on. These various layers are connected and synchronized through APIs which allows the different systems to communicate and coordinate with one another. Composable DXPs offer a wider variety of solutions to those who employ them, as well as more creativity in design, ultimately leading to a more customized digital experience which provides all the tools and features a brand needs for an exceptional customer experience.  

Integrating INTOUCH Into the Composable DXP

Organization’s could choose to opt for a composable DXP for any number of reasons. Whether they’re looking for more flexibility in the types of systems and experiences they offer, or perhaps they have a limited scope and don’t need all of the included-tools and ad-ons that monolithic solutions offer. Still, a company could simply be looking for something more from their software, and choose to customize the experience all together using a composable DXP. 

For these organizations, there is a whole library of different software solutions to choose from, and finding the right components to weave together into a seamless and customized DXP can be a daunting process.  But remember, one of the most important pieces of any technological architecture is the communication software because it's the direct messaging to the customer.  This is one thing that Top Down Systems makes easy. The INTOUCH software offered by Top Down Systems is simple, effective, and powerful when it comes to optimizing customer communications. By integrating INTOUCH into an organization’s DXP or communications strategy, they’re equipping themselves and their communication staff with tools that effectively facilitate customer communications from start to finish. 

Whether an organization is opting to build a composable DXP, or they’re simply looking to elevate their customer communication strategy, INTOUCH is an industry-trusted solution that bolsters customer communications with a suite of features and tools designed with modern communication professionals in mind. 

A Few Final Thoughts Comparing Composable to Monolithic

The world is on a trajectory that projects further and further technological integration, smarter technology involved in our everyday lives, and more processes transitioning from manual to automatic in the coming years. While this is a testament to the advancement and progress that we’re able to make as a society, it begs the question where our communication will be left. Organizations dedicated to maintaining and preserving the value of quality customer communication and the importance of delivering a top-tier customer experience will continue to pave the way forward in an ever-advancing-society. 

Choosing a powerful Customer Communication Management solution, like that offered by Top Down Systems, will give you and your staff the tools you need to optimize your communications strategy with features aimed at boosting levels of customer engagement and bolstering the customer experience overall. With shifting communication trends, having a robust and flexible CCM software is essential to elevate your entire communication strategy. 

For more information on document generation software, communication best practices, or anything else on CCM software, keep browsing Topdown System’s content library.


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