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Why You Need a CCM/CX Implementation Strategy Blog Feature
John Zimmerer

By: John Zimmerer on September 28th, 2020

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Why You Need a CCM/CX Implementation Strategy

Customer Experience | Customer Communications

The age-old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. In modern parlance, developing a new entity isn’t going to happen overnight, and neither will implementing a significant change to an already well-established organization. This concept holds especially true in the development of a comprehensive customer experience (CX) by creating and enacting a true CX implementation strategy.

Developing a strategy to guide the CX implementation is crucial to successfully building a positive and above average customer experience. By devising an action plan approach to CX implementation, you identify the areas that provide the greatest impact, i.e. you are guiding organizational leaders to make decisions that will benefit the overall customer experience the most.

Will Morgan from Aspire illustrates that organization are placing a high priority on the customer experience, addressing the ever increasing importance of the customer experience that highlights the impact CX has on significant business metrics that measures:

  • Customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention
  • Operational savings
  • Customer-value growth

Including a customer communication management (CCM) component in the CX implementation strategy allows an organization to both centralize operations and flatten resources. In other words, a robust CCM minimizes the silos of technologies for unique or separate services that a single organization would normally have relied upon to deliver the appropriate communications and interactions across the multiple touchpoints during their customers’ journeys.

CCM is part of CX strategy

Develop a CX strategy and make CCM one of your key pieces.

Centralizing Through CCM/CX Implementation

Organizations will realize and reap a multitude of benefits from implementing a comprehensive CCM solution that optimizes the customer experience. Important to almost every individual across the entire organizational structure, a majority of these benefits contribute to minimizing processes and procedures, optimizing efficiency, and centralizing activities. Or to put it simply: CCM strategies save time and money while improving the customer journey.

Optimizing your Customer Touchpoints

One of the main benefits of implementing a comprehensive CCM strategy and CCM software is the ability to serve all of your customers at any touchpoint across their journey wherever they happen to be.

This allows organizations to have a much more focused viewpoint over how their customers make their journeys into their organizations; as a result, CX and marketing groups can run more accurate reporting on the different events during these customer journeys. Now your organization can craft more compelling content specific to that point in time of your customer’s interaction, rather than having to allocate time spent managing a large array of complicated technologies.

Centralizing the Content Library

The key component to delivering these types targeted, personalized communications resides in centralizing your library of reusable content. Powered by the powerful business logic embedded in CCM software, the customer’s point of interaction informs multiple derivatives from multiple databases to form a single piece of content. This means customers receive communications tailored with dialogue specific to their demographic or disposition.

Managing all of this content in a single place optimizes operational efficiency and allows for your organization to create better, more compelling content that ultimately leads to driving higher conversion rates.

Optimizing the User Experience

Populating a library with compelling, reusable, content that drives consumer action is a huge step in the right direction for improving the customer experience. Making it simple to form that content into communications optimizes the employee experience.

By optimizing the CCM user experience, you elevate operational efficiency, as well as company culture, further contributing to delivering a better customer experience. Why? Because having an empowered and efficient staff that feels respected is just as important to the customer experience as the CCM software itself. Happy employees are more emotionally invested and motivated to be more productive.

A Final Word on CX

If you want to improve the customer experience of your existing customers, turn to Topdown. We can help you to streamline your architecture and get the most out of your investments in customer communications.

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