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Keeping Up with CCM Trends: Automation Blog Feature
Mike Lui

By: Mike Lui on July 14th, 2021

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Keeping Up with CCM Trends: Automation


What comes to mind when you hear the word “automatic”?

If you’re into cars you might first think of automatic transmissions. A medical practitioner, though, might jump to how a heart beats or lungs breathe. Even still, a nature enthusiast might consider the rate at which a hummingbird beats their wings/. All of these things are considered automatic.

Automation, in the grand scheme of things, is not a bad thing. In fact, automation has already been incorporated into our everyday lives whether we realize it or not.

While automation isn’t necessarily a new or flashy element of software, it’s role in the economy has been growing, adapting, and evolving. Automation includes things like phone systems with auto attendants, email autoresponders, and most chatbots. In the InsureTech industry, automation has become an integral element to a comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) solution.

CCM software includes a myriad of features that allow users to take a wide range of actions. One of the reasons automation today is more advanced and sophisticated is because it’s now often paired with other robust technologies. For instance, within powerful CCM like that offered by Topdown, business logic assists in dictating the actual messaging and direction of that message so when it’s automatically composed and sent, it still feels very personalized and human when received.

Many “experienced” businesspeople are a bit wary when it comes to integrated automation, however. This isn’t necessarily unjust, either. Some automation technologies, like robotic process automation (RPA) have been linked to staff downsizing initiatives. Now the goal is to take the burden of repetitive, mundane tasks off of the human employees, freeing them up to focus on higher-value and more interesting tasks.

Keeping Up with CCM Trends: Automation

CCM helps you to reach your customers with important messages wherever they are.

Automation Leads To Efficient and Effective Communication

Communication is seen as the most important element in any relationship. That includes the one that exists between a customer and place of business. Companies are expected to keep customers informed and happy.

Insurance professionals are often juggling a large task list, but still understand the importance of personal service. As such, CCM provides a succinct solution. By crafting compelling and personalized copy across a wide spectrum of customer journeys, your CCM software can then dictate when and to whom to automatically send these varying messages saving you time and money.

Automating Across Channels

Another significant impact that automation has in the context of InsureTech and CCM is the ability to automate not only the types of messages being sent to users and the timelines on which they’re being sent, but also over which channels the messages are being sent.

In other words, a sophisticated CCM solution has the ability to pull data about a specific client from a database and properly identify that individual's preferred messaging channel. Your CCM system will automatically deliver that message via that profile's preferred channel. This further personalizes your messaging and lets consumers know that you’re paying attention to their preferences.

Wrapping Up on Automation in CCM

The role of automation in our society today is ever-growing. Understanding how it’s utilized in your industry, whether insurance or otherwise, is beneficial to building a more efficient and effective organization. CCM incorporates sophisticated business logic and integration capabilities that generate powerful, compelling, and—most importantly—personalized messaging across a myriad of channels that your consumers use.

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