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Business Logic and Data To Pinpoint Customer Messaging Blog Feature
Mike Lui

By: Mike Lui on December 15th, 2021

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Business Logic and Data To Pinpoint Customer Messaging

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Communication is the key to any category of relationship. This includes the relationships that businesses and organizations build and maintain with their customers. One of the main elements of maintaining this relationship is in the messaging that businesses utilize. Many organizations implement automated messaging systems, but there’s a fine line between sophisticated customer messaging software systems, and automated bot programs. Creating impactful messaging that connects with the consumer on a personal level is an incredibly valuable aspect that sophisticated CCM software offers your staff and your organization.

Business Logic and Data To Pinpoint Customer Messaging

Using personalized messaging interwoven with empathy and understanding is more engaging for the customer and enriches the customer journey. This is the end goal for powerful CCM programs, to optimize the customer journey. 

The Role of CCM

Customer communication systems aim to optimize the customer journey through a variety of functions and capabilities. One way it addresses this is through customer journey management. CCM uses a series of functions to assist your staff and ease the burden of managing and executing on the many touch points along the path of any single customer journey. 

One of the functions that CCM offers your organization is the creation of a recyclable content library. This is essentially a database of various messages that your firm uses on a regular, or even irregular basis. The base messaging is crafted manually, from there, variations of this messaging are created for a spectrum of distribution channels, such as email, social media, SMS, and more. 

Then, the CCM software personalizes the messaging for the customer to which it’s being sent, and makes the delivery. This is only one of the avenues through which CCM software helps to manage both customer communications and customer journeys alike. 

The Personalization Process

The messages stored in the recyclable content library have a series of blanks that have been purposefully left. These blanks represent different data and information about any specific user, or policy, to which the messaging is being sent. These blanks are read by the CCM software and auto-populated by business logic and AI. 

Business logic and AI work in concert in order to pull the appropriate data from a customer profile, populate the appropriate message-template with accurate information, make any alterations to language or formatting for the channel, and cap it all off by executing the delivery of that message. This completely elevates the levels of efficiency in an organization when properly utilized. Connecting with the customer is a crucial aspect of the customer relationship, and impersonal or inaccurate messaging will lead to failed customer relationships, and lost business. On the other hand, crafting powerful and empathetic messaging that can also be automated leads to more invested and engaged customers that are more likely to amplify your business through strong word of mouth referrals. 

The Benefits

With personalized messaging that feels handcrafted for every single user always at-the-ready, CCM allows your staff to focus their time on truly building long-lasting relationships with the customers that creates generations of business. Beyond that, the amplified efficiency also allows employees to allocate more time toward growing the business through client and customer acquisition. 

The benefits of implementing sophisticated CCM software extend far beyond optimizing the customer journey and deepening customer relationships. 

A Final Thought

Bring your organization to the next level by implementing a sophisticated CCM software that helps you better connect to your customers, while saving time and growing your business. After all, that’s what we’re here to help you do. 

For more information on anything regarding customer journeys, custom messaging, or anything related to CCM systems, keep browsing the Topdown Systems content library. 


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