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How to Create an Effective Customer Communication Strategy Blog Feature
Mike Lui

By: Mike Lui on April 4th, 2022

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How to Create an Effective Customer Communication Strategy

Customer Communications

Communication is undeniably vital to society. Throughout all history in all regions of the world, no matter how remote, some form of communication emerged. This can be attributed to a multitude of reasons, but one thing remains true - communication is integral to survival. Today, communication has, of course, evolved and shifted and has many forms. It’s important for businesses to recognize the roots of language and communication in order to best serve the communities in which they operate. Not only will this understanding lead to better service provided, but it will also create stronger and deeper connections with the customer base. This is where it becomes not only socially prevalent, but actually advantageous to think about customer communication strategy as the bridge between business and consumer. 

How to Create an Effective Customer Communication Strategy

There are many benefits that stem from optimizing customer communication, and the businesses that recognize these benefits are often the ones reaping the rewards of investing in strong communication efforts. Implementing a strong customer communication strategy leads to a more loyal customer base with more stake in the success of your company. This is an extremely important factor in the way that the modern consumer operates. More often than not, a customer who has a negative experience with a brand is going to seek out a competitor. However, with a sense of loyalty customers are more likely to give a brand the benefit of the doubt. Additionally, deeper relationships with current customers paves the road for impactful personal referrals and organic business expansion. Furthermore, implementing an effective customer communication strategy will save your business time through building channels of efficiency. 

Developing The Customer Communication Strategy

The most important variable in the equation of an effective customer communication strategy is, no big surprise here, the customer. Breaking this down a little bit further, the customer experience is the actual emphasis of a strong communications strategy. In intermediate-to-large scale businesses, catering to each customer individually is time-consuming, costly, and exhausting. However, without a personal touch in today’s economy, there’s no chance to stay competitive. This is where efficiency and customized customer communications intersect. In order to create an effective customer communication strategy, it must factor into account any single employee's ability to manage ‘x’ volume of communication each and every day. Customer Communications Management software (CCM), however, eases the burden of personalized communications while making it much easier for employees to manage. This in turn leads to stronger, more consistent communications which also amplifies your brand image, in addition to higher levels of productivity, less burnout, and a reduction in necessary redundancy. Implementing a sophisticated CCM to bolster your customer communication strategy will significantly improve the relationships your brand builds with both current and potential consumers. 

Examples of Strong Customer Communication

An integral aspect of understanding communication as it relates to today’s market and the consumer is considering the many different avenues through which a modern customer might prefer to communicate. This is largely due to the rise of social media, online networking, and the rise of the digital era as a whole. However, attending to a user’s preferred format or channel of communication will be the difference in whether or not that message is ever seen by the intended recipient. This idea of “meeting the customer where they are” so to speak, exemplifies one modern customer communication tactic that contributes to a strong overall communication strategy. It shows the customer that your company values their time and energy, and wants to create easy and efficient means of communication. 

Another good example of strong customer communication is demonstrated through the use of personalized messaging. This is a difficult component to develop in customer communications as it requires a certain level of time investment into every message sent to every consumer during the course of a work-week. However, companies and organizations that successfully create an effective process for creating and sending personalized messages to not only their customers, but all their constituents, find themselves at the top of their respective markets. 

How CCM Fits Into The Picture 

Customer communication management technology and software aim specifically to optimize the customer journey and the customer experience by providing excellent and customized messaging and communication features. Sophisticated CCM technology, like that offered by Topdown Systems, utilizes a concert of technologies to achieve streamlined, impactful, and personalized messaging solutions. Three key technologies are A.I., business logic and automation. 

Artificial intelligence is all the rave, and the applications are (theoretically) limitless. In CCM technology, however, A.I. is used to populate the appropriate information into the correct fields that exist in a content template. From there, business logic maps the delivery avenue. In other words, dictating through which channel a message is to be sent for any individual user. Finally, automation helps send the message through the selected channel with little to zero manual input. 

This is an important note to make, as it demonstrates the impressive efficiency that integrating sophisticated CCM technology will bring to any brand. Between catering to all of your individual customers personally with customized and empathetic communications and a more efficient, more streamlined communications process throughout your organization, CCM technology is made to completely revamp any customer communication strategy.

Wrapping Up

Communication is one of the foundational building blocks of any relationship. Personal, professional, or otherwise. This not only includes, but specifically applies to business-to-consumer relationships. These relationships, more than ever before, have become momentary and fragile, as customers have no issue or qualm about leaving a company as a consumer for a competitor especially after a negative experience. This reiterates and emphasizes why it is so important to prioritize and optimize your customer communication strategy. 

Building an effective customer communication strategy will deepen customer relationships, foster impactful personal referrals, and strengthen customer loyalty, all while saving your brand time and bolstering efficiency. For more information on consumer communication practices, streamlining, and customer experience optimization, keep browsing the Topdown Systems content library.


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