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Automated Communications that Don’t Feel Automated Blog Feature
Mike Lui

By: Mike Lui on December 6th, 2021

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Automated Communications that Don’t Feel Automated

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Automation has played a major role in crafting the society that we all live and operate within every day. Consider the first iteration of automation as the great American industrial revolution. The key proponent to the first industrial revolution was the invention of the assembly line. With automated machine manufacturing in place, it was easy to insure that each piece of the production line was manufactured to spec, and therefore minimized error. Automated services only escalated and evolved from that point on, and are still widely employed in a range of capacities across the marketplace and throughout various industries. 

Automated Communications that Dont Feel Automated

Automated services are used by marketing professionals, certain visual artists, all throughout the music industry, and of course, in communication software as well. Virtually every market that operates successfully in today’s market is influenced by automated technology that eases one aspect of the job or another. In the music industry, this is exemplified by mixing software, loop pedals, and tools like autotune as well. 

As is often the case in modern technology, however, automation is rarely the sole technological participant in a comprehensive software. 

Crafting Communications

CCM software, like that offered by Topdown Systems, is built to optimize the customer experience by creating convenient and high-quality customer journeys throughout the entirety of the customer lifecycle. One aspect of this process is creating automated communications that can be sent to any user, at any time, along any point of any customer journey… you get the point. 

However, this is no easy task. There comes a big risk when it comes to using automated communications as a regular basis for reaching your customers. Many customers find poorly crafted automated communications off-putting, which plummets the customer experience. The automated communications within sophisticated CCM softwares, though, is paired with business logic, and artificial intelligence, along with a manual touch. This way, the communication feels personalized, and hand-crafted for each and every customer no matter where they are in their customer journey

To accomplish this level of high quality messaging and automated communication, a library of recyclable content is created manually. These are relatively standard communications that have certain sections of them left blank. The messages are crafted to serve any number of points across a wide range of customer journeys that are regular to your business, then the blank sections are automatically populated with customer-profile data that are stored in your company's database. Finally, once the message has been personalized, the customer-profile is also scanned for any preferred variables on wording, as well as preferred channel of communication. 

In other words, the CCM system will also recognize if the customer prefers their messages via text, a social media channel, voice call, or even email. This is why the communications that CCM systems generate are able to be automated, without feeling or sounding automated. 

The Benefits 

The benefits of creating heartfelt, and empathetic messaging that is personalized to each and every consumer is in the data. Creating long-lasting customer relationships adds value to your book of business in a myriad of ways. However, it’s also true that customers are willing to bounce between service providers based on a single negative experience. With the help of CCM software, your messaging will be crisp, concise, and convenient for the customers, all while remaining personalized, and having a human-touch to them. 

By integrating sophisticated CCM software, your business will see higher levels of efficiencies, stronger customer relationships and a higher level of customer loyalty.

Wrapping Up

Sophisticated CCM technology is bound to elevate the entirety of your business through stronger messaging that’s both high-quality and convenient. 

For more information on CCM technology, automated messaging, or any of the other features that CCM software provides, keep browsing Topdown Systems.


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