Customer Communications Part of Every Customer Journey

The level of quality, consistency, contextualization and personalization of your customer-facing communications can have a dramatic effect on customer experience – as evidenced by the brands that improved their Forrester Customer Experience Index (CXi) scores the most in 2014.

Even though much investment has been made to improve customer experience, our research shows there are still gaps between the people, processes and technologies that design and deliver communications to prospective customers and existing customers.

These gaps produce inconsistencies in:

  • Branding  Different logos, fonts, and styles creep into customer-facing communications
  • Language  Terminology and instructions vary from one touchpoint to the next
  • Design  Layout, look, and feel changes from one communication to another
  • Contexualization  Some communications take advantage of context, other don't
  • Personalization  One communication is sent to a person, the next to a persona
  • Channel  Not all departments can access customer's prefarred communication channel


Want to learn how to close these gaps?

Watch this webinar featuring analysts from Forrester Research, Inc., where we went over these gaps in detail, and presented our proposed solution.

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