Correspondence and Document Automation

First we helped create an industry.
Now we’re creating its future.

It's called Customer Communications Management (CCM). We create CCM solutions that simplify your customer communications processes and enhance your bottom line.

How Topdown is Different

Not too long ago, CCM didn’t even exist. We know, because we helped create it. Over time, we’ve nurtured our industry; expanded it; advanced it. Now we’re on the road to transforming it. Not very many companies can say that. Topdown can.

In today's marketplace, where customer experience is king, you need interactive communications. Not many CCM vendors offer that. Topdown does.

Why You Need Topdown

We call it consumer-driven communications, and it’s where the world is going. Your customers now expect consistent, personalized multi-channel communications  they want to communicate with you by the means they choose — and if they don't get that satisfaction from you, they'll find it elsewhere.

Take the lead with Topdown. Experience the industry’s best out-of-the-box user experience for creating interactive customer communications, as well as on-demand and high-volume batch mass messaging.

Today’s consumers want communication on their own terms.

That’s why you need Topdown.