We Partner with You to Ensure Your Success

Our Professional Services Group (PSG) has a long track record of success partnering with organizations just like yours to improve the quality, consistency, security and efficiency of customer communications. Simply negotiate for the services you know you want as part of your initial contract or add them in at any time when the need arises.

We are committed to your success, so PSG is prepared to go the extra mile with a variety of included and supplementary services for new and existing customers:

  • On-site operational audit: Prior to installing our software, we do an in-depth operational review with your team at your location.
  • Project management: Our project manager collaborates closely with your project manager, and if you don't have the in-house resources or expertise to manage the software implementation, we can provide a project manager for you.
  • Document conversion: If you need help converting your old templates for use with your new, more efficient DOCCM software, we can help you accomplish that.
  • Business process analysis: Our established customers can have PSG back at any time to evaluate business processes and make recommendations for improved efficiency, increased cost-savings and optimized software usage.
  • Implementation training: PSG will train your administrators to create and manage templates and your end users to create documents as part of your software implementation phase.

Topdown's PSG can help your optimize the implementation of our software so you can maximize your productivity and efficiency as soon as possible.

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