CCM Software for the Cloud 

INTOUCH® is a 100% native cloud CCM solution built using open source and open standards. It levels functional silos by securely sharing data, content, and processes across organizations for a more consistent and engaging customer experience. 


A Few Examples of How INTOUCH Is Different

UI-icon.pngA unified, intuitive, and extremely easy-to-use graphical user interface puts business users in charge of defining variables, writing rules, managing templates, and creating interactive experiences.

Interactive CCM solutionWhen interactively creating communications, employees and customers are presented with a simple interface and guided user experience for picking, personalizing, and previewing communications.

CCM software collaborationMultiple users can view and collaborate on the same content at the same time whether they are designing a template or reviewing a communication.

Multichannel CCM solutionThe result? Personalized, consistent, engaging, and timely communications optimized for and delivered over the customer’s preferred channel (e.g., mobile, web, or print).


How Your Customers Would Benefit from INTOUCH

  • Clarity — Customers will better understand the communications you send them.
  • Convenience — They’ll receive communications optimized for their preferred channel.
  • Transparency — Customers will feel well informed and “on the same page.”
  • Value — They will feel like you know them and appreciate them as individuals.
  • Trust — Customers will feel confident that their information is securely managed.

Ways Your Company Could Benefit from INTOUCH

  • Agility — Business users and customers will securely create content anytime, anywhere.
  • Insight — You'll always know exactly what customers received and if any actions were taken.
  • Efficiency — Streamline content management with channel-independent, reusable content objects.
  • Control — Consistently brand your customer communications across all of your touchpoints.
  • Optimization — Continuously test, measure, and improve your content to achieve the best results.

With INTOUCH from Topdown, your customer communications will enhance the experience, improve the satisfaction, and increase the loyalty of your customers...which will help grow your revenue and reduce your communication-related costs.