You Only Need One Correspondence Solution

Real Time, On-Demand & High-Volume Batch Communications

Companies often have multiple applications for creating customer correspondence, some licensed and others developed and supported in-house. Some are used interactively by customer-facing employees to create ad-hoc letters. Others have been integrated with back-office and line-of-business applications for creating automated on-demand correspondence or for generating letters in high-volume batches.

You save considerable capital and operating expenses by standardizing on a single enterprise-wide correspondence solution. And that solution should be CLIENT LETTER® or INTOUCH® from Topdown.

Benefits for you and your customers

While every situation is unique, the majority of our customers have reported similar benefits to using our software and professional services:

Reduce expenses

  • Eliminate redundant expenditures
  • Capitalize on volume pricing discounts
  • Integrate and automate correpondence

Increase efficiency

  • Empower business users to manage and update templates
  • Collapse complicated communications workflows
  • Improve compliance with audit trails and reporting

Improve customer experience

  • Empower your customer to self-serve their information needs
  • Reduce or eliminate communications-related customer service calls
  • Improve your response times and meet service-level objectives
Enterprise-wide customer correspondence

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