On-Premise Interactive CCM at Its Very Best

CLIENT LETTER logoCLIENT LETTER® provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools for designing, managing, and personalizing interactive customer communications. It leverages the power and familiarity of Microsoft® Word for designing templates and maximizes end-user productivity with a web browser-based editor.

CLIENT LETTER is ideal for communications like correspondence, ID cards, and enrollment kits. Business users prefer the simple, task-oriented user interface for picking and personalizing communications; IT users like the data-mapping tools and web service APIs for integrating with existing enterprise architecture and automating on-demand and high-volume batch communications.

Why You Need CLIENT LETTER for Interactive Customer Communications 

  • Easiest-to-use solution on the market for centrally managing interactive communications
  • Reduces risk, cost, and time to market by automating as many communications as possible
  • Doesn’t break a sweat during peak volumes and can easily scale up as your volumes grow
  • Monitors compliance and maximizes productivity using audit trails and reports
  • Minimizes IT overhead and involvement while leveraging corporate resources

Topdown Can Help You Do More With Less

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