The Benefits of DOCCM Software

A Topdown Document Output for Customer Communications (DOCCM) software solution can streamline and automate your customer communications to reduce costs and maximize profits.

  • Template management – Create highly personalized, relevant and effective communications quickly, based on business logic, reusable objects and a 50% smaller template library.
  • Control – Business users can update templates without going through IT, which can save time and money.
  • Quality assurance – Review correspondence before it goes out and avoid costly errors.
  • Integration – Streamline your document creation process with automation across business lines and systems.
  • Branding – Maintain the consistency and quality of your brand’s look and voice across all communications.
  • Tracking and reporting – Keep a record of every document, from first draft to the recipient’s screen or doorstep.
  • Legal/compliance – Avoid the steep cost and legal consequences of noncompliance with tightly controlled document generation and a full audit trail.
  • Distribution/printing – Manage print costs and harness quicker, less expensive communication channels.

All of this results in higher productivity and could significantly reduce your capital expenditures and operating costs related to managing customer communications.


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